Wednesday, July 8, 2009

pizza + beer

i was walking slightly aimlessly at the farmer's market on saturday when i passed the 'knead some dough' stall and decided i wanted some fresh pasta. this is when i noticed a tiny sign on the display case reading 'pizza dough: $4,' which made me all excited. don't ask me why. i really don't know. so i bought the stuff - without asking any questions about how to use it, how long to bake at, etc etc.

then i had to deal with this pizza dough sitting in my fridge. so i invited my friend melody over and we created amazingness. we made our own pesto (basil+roasted cashews+garlic+parmesan+olive oil+salt) to spread instead of the typical tomato-ey pizza sauce. then we added cooked chicken, marinated artichoke hearts (from costco - they're freaking awesome), leftover roasted cashews we didn't use in the pesto, basil leaves, and a mixture of shredded cheeses (havarti, cheddar, parmesan). we baked it at 400 F, and probably ended up leaving it in for 25 minutes? maybe longer. the crust was 'golden brown' and the cheese was all melty. for the occasion (yes, pizza is an occasion), i bought some domestic beer to drink with the pizza. i tried some bowen island honey brown lager. it was delicious paired with the exceptionally greasy pizza.