Friday, September 21, 2012

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i will be surprised if anyone is still following this blog - considering the fact that my last two posts were in december and then in may. but, if you are... know that i have not forsaken writing about or taking photos of food. i have merely redirected my food-loving energy to other mediums.

the first: i thoroughly enjoy taking photos & writing short captions on my instagram (@joey_arm_strong).

the second: i spend a few hours each week dedicated to blogging for the dirty apron, my place of work, at
please do follow my writing there, as we share recipes, talk about food, and share about what's going on at the dirty apron delicatessen & cooking school.

callebaut chocolate

the dining room at the dirty apron

to die for banana bread

p.s. i got married just about 4 weeks ago! :)

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


happy may!

 please forgive my lack of posting in the last 4 months:

1. i got engaged! and am busy busy busy planning our wedding.
2. i am posting more on my photo blog:
3. started working full time at a local gourmet delicatessen.
4. i am posting food photos fairly often on my instagram (@joeyarmstrong). if you don't have instagram you can follow my feed on my facebook page: joey armstrong lifestyle photography. 

and i leave you with a few photos from my phone. a few great meals i've had, along with wonderful coffees.

chicken baked w/ butter, olives, prunes,
apple juice, thyme, leek, garlic.
served with mashed potatoes & steamed green beans w/ coconut oil
summery salad: 
chickpeas, mint, olives, cucumbers, yellow peppers, lime juice, olive oil.

coffee with friends is important. 
even when life is busy. 

 (@ jjbean)

(@ jjbean) 

 (@ bump n grind)

pasta with prawns & garlic sauted in butter, 
tossed w/ olives, parsley, cilantro

 salad: butter lettuce, mango, toasted pecans, 
hemp hearts, honey mustard dressing

orzo pasta tossed w/ pesto, olives, parsley, raisins