Saturday, August 14, 2010

in love with fatty yogurt

once you go greek, you can't go back. i turn up my snobby upper lip to 'normal' 3% yogurt now. nope. now its 10%, organic, probiotic, thick, creamy, fatty, delicious, plain greek yogurt with no colors, sugars, or preservatives. i've shamelessly been going through a couple tubs a week. not that i'm pigging out on it, i limit myself to 2 servings a day max. but i enjoy it with honey, or maple syrup. and sometimes with peaches - sweet, juicy, BC peaches. i know there's people who go for the skim yogurt, or the diet yogurt, but i say that if you can limit yourself to small servings, go for the full-fat. it tastes so much better.

i've started eating more yogurt since i've started reading mireille guiliano's french women don't get fat. great book, i highly recommend it! i'm not trying to lose weight here, but i am wanting to eat healthy, and i happen to like food, and french women like food, so i thought it would be a good read. it is a good read, but i'm not done yet, so i can't do a proper review quite yet. but i can already prompt you to go borrow it from your library, and tell me what you think.