Sunday, August 9, 2009

my cupcake extravaganza

this post is long overdue.

long story short:
my parents had an anniversary this summer.
30 years.
we had a party.
i made cupcakes.
the end.

here they are:

(sadly, i don't remember where i got the recipe. i used a recipe for lemon poppyseed cake. once the cupcakes were out of the oven, i squirted each cupcake with a lemon simple syrup, to give it an extra lemony taste. i made a lemon buttercream to go on top. i was a little frosting happy, because i still have some frosting in my freezer, just waiting for me to make cupcakes again. i think i ate enough sugar just making the frosting to keep my glycemic index high for a few months. )

party context:

(not a flattering picture of me, but that's how i look when i bake, so deal with it. i made about 9 dozen cupcakes in total. my boss let me use his bakery to do it. what a great boss.)