Tuesday, May 31, 2011

egg + mushroom breakfast sandwich

i cannot deny my love of breakfast. and if something horrible happened, like i suddenly became allergic to eggs, i would probably still eat them anyways, to the demise of my body.
i like them THAT much.

sometimes, though, i get a little bored with eggs + toast.
i even get bored with my omelets.
and so, sometimes...
i take a little too much time getting creative whilst making myself breakfast.

here's one of my happy little awesome sandwich discoveries.

egg + mushroom open-faced breakfast sandwich

what you will need:
  • mushrooms (i used organic crimini mushrooms)
  • handful of fresh sage (other fresh herbs like basil, thyme or parsley will do. dried herbs, though, will not do)
  • couple cloves garlic, minced
  • onion, chopped
  • 1 large slice bread, or 2 small slices bread
  • 2 eggs (only one is pictured, but trust me, you want 2)
  • olive oil
  • butter
  • mayonaisse
  • salt + pepper

  • mince garlic, chop onions, chop herbs
  • clean your mushrooms with a mushroom brush, or if you don't have one (i don't. i need to get one), use a slightly damp cloth to clean mushrooms. DO NOT soak mushrooms in water.
  • chop mushrooms. i removed the stems, but i'm just weird that way. i don't care if you use the stems or not.
  • heat skillet on medium-low heat. throw in some oil + butter. saute your onions + garlic for a few minutes.
  • turn up the heat + throw in them mushrooms. saute for a while (10-20 minutes depending how soft & caramelisy you like your mushrooms), adding 1/2 your fresh herbs halfway through.
  • when mushrooms look like they are about 5 minutes from done, heat up another frying pan for your eggs. start toasting your bread.
  • fry eggs to your liking. while they are frying, butter your toast + spread with mayo if so desired. top with mushrooms, eggs, + a sprinkling of fresh herbs.
  • get out your steak knife + a fork, and start devouring, along with a nice cup of fresh coffee.

Monday, May 9, 2011

yesterday - pancakes & butter tarts

yesterday was mother's day. i don't really like the commercialization of something we should be doing everyday (telling your mother you love her), but i did call my mom & i told her i loved her. she doesn't live in the same country as me, so i made a lovely pancake breakfast for my sister and i and we ate good food in honor of her. from as long as i can remember, my mother has constantly been teaching me how to cook & bake. i love that she instilled in me a respect for food, and a really close, tangible relationship with it. thanks mommy - i love you! (yeah, i still call her mommy. & i'm okay with that)

it was a decent spring day yesterday, so my sister & i took a walk down to commercial drive to check out the got craft? show. afterwards we stopped at jj bean for americanos and butter tarts. have you had the butter tarts at jj bean vancouverites? if you haven't, and you can eat butter & wheat, you need to head to a jj bean immediately. and order a butter tart. you will not regret this. well, hmm.. maybe you will, because you'll be wanting to eat them every single day. if you have an addictive personality, DO NOT try the butter tarts at jj bean. the crust is flaky, crunchy & buttery. the inside is sugary, buttery & melty in your mouth.

speaking of spring, we've had some bizzare weather here in vancouver lately. one day it is warm & sunny, the next day it is a tropical monsoon and the streets turn into streams of rushing water. our small garden plot was completely covered in water. luckily my sister's been starting some plants inside. she really loves these plants. she likes to stare at them in the mornings watching them grow. they grow pretty fast too! i can't wait til they produce tomatoes and cucumbers. mmm...