Wednesday, November 30, 2011

elysian coffee - perfect cup of clover

elysian coffee.
broadway & ash.
(also a location at 5th & burrard.)
they frequently change their coffee selection
(always using freshly roasted beans)
but i believe (don't quote me on this) they use mostly (or a lot of) intelligentsia coffee.

while i normally drink americanos, at elysian i drink their coffee by the cup.
they use a clover & make it to perfection.
if you normally take sugar, you probably won't with this coffee, i promise you.
they also serve tasty goodies made fresh on site.
i'm always drawn to their chocolate cookie with the dusting of icing sugar on top.
i used to make those cookies in high school, so they taste nostalgic to me.
(can things taste nostalgic?)
there's a tap on the bar for water. sparkling or still. your choice.
sparkling water isn't my cup of tea, a bit too fancy for me.
but it might just be your cup of tea. (or water.)

elysian coffee

broadway location:
7-7 everday

5th ave location:
mon- thu 7-7:30
fri 7-10
sat 9-10
sun 11-5

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Thursday, November 17, 2011

why you should do the culture crawl this year

those of you readers who live in vancouver, i have for you 3 reasons to go to the vancouver east side culture crawl this year:
(specifically my sister andrea armstrong's studio)

1. this is what one of her walls looked like last year.
isn't it pretty?
this year's is even better - i've seen it in progress.

2. guess what is across the street from her studio?
yeah. jj bean.
(keep in mind it closes at 6pm friday, and 5pm saturday & sunday)

3. i made cookies last year for andrea's studio.
and guess what?! i made more this year too.
(and no, my dad didn't make them.)

(i kinda made a lot last year. but this year looks pretty similar.)

(this is what her studio looks like. from the outside.)

crawling hours:
friday november 18: 5pm-10pm
saturday november 19: 11am-6pm
sunday november 20: 11am-6pm

Monday, November 14, 2011

bump n grind: chocolate peanut butter cups + americanos

bump n grind
corner of commercial + venables, vancouver

i've always kind of hated the name of this place, so i never ever went in. but this past summer i tried it out... and honestly i've been missing out. their americanos are pretty great, but the best thing they have is their chocolate peanut butter cups. and what better then to pair chocolate with coffee? not much, i tell you.

so go. go now and eat a chocolate peanut butter cup. with an americano. thank your barista. then come back here and thank me (and my sister who introduced me to them).

bump n grind cafe
916 commercial drive
mon - fri 7-7
sat + sun 8-7
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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

ghost pancakes for next year

i always get great ideas way too late.
here's one to store for next year's halloween.
ghost pancakes!
so cute.

image via petra at zoom yummy

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

simply breakfast

(photo by jennifer causey at simply breakfast)

if you love breakfast as much as i do and haven't discovered simply breakfast yet, you must remedy this dire situation. jennifer causey is a new york based photographer who has a blog solely dedicated to breakfast photography. she also takes beautiful non-food photography.

one day i want to have a huge window in my kitchen, and a beautiful wooden table (but no varnishes & no oak please!). oh, and 5 extra cupboards just for extra dishes & napkins for props. i don't think this day is coming anytime soon, but i can only hope.

so enjoy your breakfast, and while your at it, visit simply breakfast for some inspiration.