Wednesday, November 30, 2011

elysian coffee - perfect cup of clover

elysian coffee.
broadway & ash.
(also a location at 5th & burrard.)
they frequently change their coffee selection
(always using freshly roasted beans)
but i believe (don't quote me on this) they use mostly (or a lot of) intelligentsia coffee.

while i normally drink americanos, at elysian i drink their coffee by the cup.
they use a clover & make it to perfection.
if you normally take sugar, you probably won't with this coffee, i promise you.
they also serve tasty goodies made fresh on site.
i'm always drawn to their chocolate cookie with the dusting of icing sugar on top.
i used to make those cookies in high school, so they taste nostalgic to me.
(can things taste nostalgic?)
there's a tap on the bar for water. sparkling or still. your choice.
sparkling water isn't my cup of tea, a bit too fancy for me.
but it might just be your cup of tea. (or water.)

elysian coffee

broadway location:
7-7 everday

5th ave location:
mon- thu 7-7:30
fri 7-10
sat 9-10
sun 11-5

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