Friday, December 9, 2011

gingerbread men

first of my christmas baking this year.
not that i'm going to be baking tons...
but its fun to bake with my mom.
haven't had christmas with my whole family in 5 years so it'll be pretty fun!

p.s. if you are in vancouver and need some local, unique gifts, head over to the One Of A Kind show at the convention centre! its still on tomorrow from 10am til 9pm and sunday from 10am til 5pm. my sister has some paintings there, and i'll be there for quite a while tomorrow (saturday)!


Liz said...

Really like this picture, the wood, the metal and the gingerbread. I can almost smell the baking from here.

joey armstrong said...

@liz - :) thanks! do you like baking? what's your favorite christmas baking?