Tuesday, May 1, 2012


happy may!

 please forgive my lack of posting in the last 4 months:

1. i got engaged! and am busy busy busy planning our wedding.
2. i am posting more on my photo blog: joeyarmstrong.ca/blog
3. started working full time at a local gourmet delicatessen.
4. i am posting food photos fairly often on my instagram (@joeyarmstrong). if you don't have instagram you can follow my feed on my facebook page: joey armstrong lifestyle photography. 

and i leave you with a few photos from my phone. a few great meals i've had, along with wonderful coffees.

chicken baked w/ butter, olives, prunes,
apple juice, thyme, leek, garlic.
served with mashed potatoes & steamed green beans w/ coconut oil
summery salad: 
chickpeas, mint, olives, cucumbers, yellow peppers, lime juice, olive oil.

coffee with friends is important. 
even when life is busy. 

 (@ jjbean)

(@ jjbean) 

 (@ bump n grind)

pasta with prawns & garlic sauted in butter, 
tossed w/ olives, parsley, cilantro

 salad: butter lettuce, mango, toasted pecans, 
hemp hearts, honey mustard dressing

orzo pasta tossed w/ pesto, olives, parsley, raisins

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