Wednesday, August 20, 2008

to make my mother proud

a detestable food from my childhood. my mother used to make me sit at the table until i finished my eggplant. the colder it got, the worse it tasted, all mushy and disgusting...

but, these two lovely eggplants getting their picture taken were indeed bought my me. that's right. they were so beautiful when i passed them at the farmer's market, that i decided to take some home. i even went as far as eating one of them. i stir fried it in olive oil with fresh rosemary and grated cheese on it afterward. no, i don't have a picture of the finished product - i was too hungry at the time. the other eggplant is slowly dying, just waiting to be eaten - either by me, or some fruit flies. eaten, none the less.

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ai said...

i've never seen eggplants like these. they are very pretty like marble.