Friday, November 14, 2008


a few weeks ago i discovered a trendy little coffee shop while i was milling around after work one day. it intimidated the heck out of me, i thought it was that cool. but one day i really needed to pee, so i went in and bought a coffee so i could use their bathroom. subconsciously it was an excuse to try their americano, which was good.

i went again a few weeks later with a co-worker. we met for coffee, but i had breakfast too. they do the trendy vancouver thing of having mostly organic, fair trade stuff. and some vegan options too (which is great, as my co-worker is vegan). i really love the decor - very simple, mostly white, and reminded me of what i loved about portland. its' a great little spot too. its right on the corner of main & kingsway, but not a 90 degree corner, a 45 degree corner. so kind of like a triangle - a rounded one. the two sides facing streets are basically large windows, so the lighting in there is incredible for photos. when its daylight. i wish i had pictures of the entire place, but as it was, it was a big enough step for me that i had the guts to take my camera out at all. cool, trendy places that i love are really intimidating for me.

here are a few pics of what i was brave enough to take pictures of:


Anonymous said...

hi! great photos. nice "white".

i have to check out this place next time i'm in town 'cuz i spent a year trying to find cool cafes in vancouver. i loved the coffee at continental cafe on commercial drive. have you been there? their coffee is phenomenal.

have a good weekend :-)

Deborah-rah said...

Hey Joey! Hope you're doing well! I love reading your blog, it always makes me hungry! This one motivated me to call an old friend and go for coffee! Thanks, debs xx