Tuesday, January 20, 2009

fish n chips

i'm starting to appreciate fish. my sis fried some last week and it didn't smell too 'fishy' or taste 'fishy.' and i understand, that, yes, fish is supposed to smell like fish, but not the rotting, i-want-to-puke kind of fish smell. but i digress.

i attempted to do the fish thing. i bought some cod from a local store that sells seafood and free-range meat. i dipped it in an egg/lemon whisked liquid and then into a mixture of flour with rosemary-lemon-pepper-salt. then fried in olive oil at a mid-to-high temperature. apparently fish is done when it flakes and when the inside is no longer translucent. which means that in my eagerness to not undercook the fish, i ended up with punctured, flaky fillets that teetered on the edge of being overcooked. and definitely weren't presentable for their glamor shots. but i brightened up the plate with beans & a lemony tahini sauce, and homemade potato & yam chips. which weren't really a success. but good enough. i was inspired (as always) by alicia from bread-and-honey, when she made these chips. i think my oven is hotter than most, cuz the chips either burned or were soggy. i will conquer the homemade potato chip someday...

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