Thursday, February 12, 2009

again about the cupcakes

its the cupcake's fault. i'm off my wheat diet. i did the no-wheat thing for an entire month (yay!) except for the occasional slip-up (i had yam fries at Steamworks twice last month and only figured out the second time that they were breaded - who knew i was that dense?). a month is a long time. really. i'd been contemplating quitting, but needed a good reason. so when the cupcakes arrived at my work, i knew i'd found my reason for quitting. seriously, if i'm supposed to sell customers on the cupcake things, i need to try the damn things, right? right. enough said.


jlg said...

Hi! Just found your blog! Great info and lovely photos! Thanks!

Sher McLeod said...

haha! I love you Joey!

Anonymous said...

one of trav's roommates has celiac disease.. I'm sure he'd love some of the recipes you found over that month :)