Friday, March 19, 2010

kopi java

i've been busy travelling and taking pictures and haven't had time, energy, desire etc etc to blog. BUT i've been trying to take lots of pictures. and have been enjoying coffee in asia. :) i got to visit a coffee plantation in Bali, i will be sure to write about that later...

this is java coffee (or or kopi java, pronounced jawa) that i drank a lot of in jogjakarta (on the island of java in indonesia). its very thick and sweet. usually they don't strain the coffee, the grounds are just left in the bottom. which means that if you are enjoying the taste of the coffee (like i do), and then you want to sip it til its gone (like i do), you will end up with a mouthfull of coffee grinds (like i did) and its just not that pleasant.

drinking coffee here in southeast asia (more specifically singapore, indonesia, malaysia) has almost made me switch back to sugar in my coffee as opposed to my usual black coffee. sigh. it took me a while to swtich from being an excessive-sugar coffee person to a snobby black-coffee person, so this is a bit of a setback. :) but i don't care as long as i am enjoying my coffee.

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