Thursday, July 29, 2010

she makes stuff

pancakes should always be eaten like this. i dream of the day i can afford to have multiple sets of beautiful vintage dishes, vases, napkins, and a beautiful butter dish. i'm slowly getting there, but my cupboard's pretty small and i'm going to have to start storing kitchenware in my bedroom closet.

this post isn't really about pancakes though, rather it's about other beautiful stuff. beautiful stuff that ashley meaders makes. she makes stuff for weddings, events, etc, and its all handmade, original, gorgeous creations. she also seems to be friends with/works with an amazing photography company. (photo credits of all these photos go to our labor of love, via ashley meaders' site)

she inspires me to no end. my sister always sends me links to beautiful things, and i love the burst of inspiration/joy i get when she sends me links to sites like these. so i thought i would share the love. do you feel it? :)

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