Sunday, September 5, 2010

summer lovin

summer. my favorite time of year. it may not be the prettiest here in vancouver (dead grass just doesn't appeal the eye as much as rich green grass or spring blossoms or fall colors), but as far as weather goes, i love heat and i love summer.

i have lots of photos waiting to be sorted through.. photos of copious meals outdoors, camping & hiking trips, blueberry picking, lots of delicious food. but since they are still waiting for me, patiently, i'll leave you with a few photos of some food-related things i've enjoyed this summer:

(some edible, some non-edible. guess which is which)

a fresh egg from our landlords' backyard chickens:


Matt said...

The courgettes look de-lectible. mmmm.

I saw Jamie Oliver stuff them with a ricotta/lemon goodness, then batter and deep fry. fml.

joey armstrong said...

wow you really are a food-snob. i had to look up 'courgette' in the dictionary... haha...

stuffed with ricotta/lemon sounds amazing. we stir fried the flowers with garlic and some other spices (i didn't actually cook them, my sister did) and poured in coconut cream to make a light, creamy curry. it was pretty tasty.