Wednesday, March 23, 2011

sunny & beautiful

sunny & beautiful outside today. hurray for spring!

my sister & i worked on our garden - fertilizing & planting. we planted mint & thyme plants, and seeded some carrots, lettuce, peas. i'm not the most diligent of gardeners, and don't have great luck (examples: my rosemary plants have grown less than a centimeter since i planted them 2 years ago. i frequently forget to water. my mint turns ugly & brown because i forget to water. i don't like it when dirt stays under my nails & in the creases of my hands after gardening, so i use that as an excuse sometimes.)
however, i hope to have a bit more luck in the garden section of my life this year. i love having fresh herbs available anytime i need. and produce straight from the garden not only tastes fresh & delicious, but its also cost-effective.

one thing i really want to plant this year is lemon verbena. haven't found any yet. last year i bought lots of lemon verbena from the farmer's market and dried them to make tea. incredibly delicious & fragrant. if i could grow my own, i could have lemon verbena tea any time. do any of you gardening this year have something specific you'd love to grow?

this is the part where i should be ending with some gardening tips for you. unfortunately, you will be disappointed. i'll try to let you know how things go, though, and tell you what works for us and what doesn't!


Rachele said...

Just watch that mint! It can grow like weeds and take over your whole garden! Rosemary is lovely! But it can grow like a shrub size! Good luck this do know they sell gardening GLOVES right? haha...I look forward to having a potted garden on my patio this year...not as big as last year- but then I can be more selective.

joey armstrong said...

rachele - we planted our mint in pots in the garden - apparently that can help contain it!
oh, yes... gloves! :) i have been meaning to buy some this year, just haven't had the chance yet. your potted stuff last year turned out great, hey? i'm bad at watering, so pots don't like me much. :)