Wednesday, January 20, 2010

comfort food

i am thinking that comfort food is important. i'm used to cooking for myself at home, and i've cooked once here so far in the past almost 3 weeks. lazy? yeah... but mostly just busy.

when you (not YOU you, the general you) are traveling, or you have moved to a new place, sometimes you just want to eat familiar foods. its normal. some people call that culture shock. now i'm fairly used to asia, so i'm not suffering huge culture shock, but i do miss certain things about eating and food back in canada. you need to satisfy that craving in some way. some people do this by eating fast food. but as my previous post mentioned, i'm not so fond of fast food. however, the other evening my family had a lovely nighttime snack that was pretty blissful. i will let my photos describe the wonderfulness of the snack: (with the help of some tag lines)

yogurt with fruit + sugar

(i was a snob and bought the slightly more expensive natural yogurt - you know, the preservative and additive-free kind. i've given up some of my food snobbishness here already, but i'd like to keep some of my snobbishness, thank you.)

avocado with lime, salt, pepper

(sometimes the simplest things in life are the most amazing)


Matt said...

TWO posts in TWO days! Who do you think you are - Julie Powell? Ok, comfort food - I think this is an excellent topic because every single person has something (or several things) that are completely unique and original to their own family. Last night I enjoyed a bowl of cut-up bananas swimming in milk with a sprinkle of sugar - takes me back as far as I can remember.

I'm going to try the avocado and lime next time
Kudos Jo, keep it up.

ps.I'm enjoying that I can take part in this as a dialogue. I really need to get to work on mine.

joey armstrong said...

HA - I definitely do not think I'm Julie Powell. Not even close :)

Oooh we had a similar comfort food when we were growing up too. Except it was cut-up bananas swimming in a concoction of sweetened condensed milk with milk, and then chocolate sprinkles on top. Heavenly.

Yes! Hurry the heck up and work on your blog! You are much more culinarily skilled than I am, the world needs to hear your wisdom. Well, I do at least.