Tuesday, January 19, 2010

should one ever try eating 'western' food in asia?

my answer? no. as in, 'avoid it like the plague!'

but if you are desperate for 'western' food (i really hate labeling), at least do it in limited quantities. or make it yourself.

on the weekend i went for brunch with my family. i ordered an eggs benedict, and an americano. i was asked what size of americano i wanted, small, medium or large, so i asked back: 'how many shots do you put in your small?' two. in my barista mind, i am thinking that seems alright, since where i used to work, we also used 2 shots in our 'small' 12 ounce cups. but then i get my americano, and i can see through the glass it is so watered down. i have no idea what size their large is, since their 'small' appeared to be a 16 ounce cup. oh well. i sucked it up because i don't want to appear to be a stuck-up foreigner. or an ang mo, which is a slang word for foreigners. it literally means 'red devil.' haha... so apt.

but my tangent about coffee is over for now. except to say that local coffee beats espresso-based coffee here. so far. i will be sure to let you know if i have a pleasurable encounter with an americano.

as for the eggs benedict... it was okay. i won't say much except that vancouver still has the best eggs benedicts i've ever had. hands down. the west coast of north america does eggs well. very well. i really need to learn how to poach eggs. i hear its easy, but i figure i'm either lazy or i'm scared i'll fail at something easy.


i have a confession to make. the other day i had not only 1, but 3, substances that i have pretty much successfully avoided for the past 2 years.
1) fast food fries
2) fast food burger
3) coca cola

i'm not going to mention the name of the place, because i don't want to provide any marketing for this company (yes, bad marketing is still marketing).

but, needless to say, i did not feel good that night. my innards are not used to that many fake substances at once. the fries aren't so bad i guess. but why eat generally tasteless fast food fries that aren't good for me when i can eat tasty homemade yam fries at almost any restaurant in vancouver? sigh. i miss vancouver. kind of.


andrea said...

Was it burger king or macdonalds??!?! hahaha I am judging you while pointing my finger and laughing :)

kristin said...

Poached eggs are so easy to make, Joey. They're my favourite way of eggs. If I can do it, your cooking mastery will surely take it to the next level.

joey armstrong said...

andrea i refuse to answer your accusatory question. you are SO MEAN. just for that i'm going to take you to said fast-food joint and i will force feed you. hah!

thanks kristin, i will attempt poached eggs and i'll tell you about it. ;)