Wednesday, February 10, 2010

meandering appetites

meandering appetites

i have been bugging my friend matt for a while now about starting a food blog. we went to college together, but i only discovered (with sadness - honestly, i could have done with some delicious home-cooked meals in college) how skilled he was in the kitchen a year after i'd left college and left manitoba behind. he made me fettucine alfredo, from scratch. it was the simplest, most amazing meal ever, that i left regretting all those years i didn't know that butter was the answer to everything. i have been wanting to blog about making alfredo sauce for a while now, but haven't gotten around to it. maybe i'll just wait for matt to write about it, and i'll just link it here.

(photo by matt o)

anyway. i got distracted by all that butter talk. and the photo of chicken curry that looks like butter chicken, which really makes me salivate. matt just started his food blog (finally!) and i am already an avid follower. not only is he a foodie, but he's the type of person that has the full set of jamie oliver cookbooks at home. and actually reads them. and uses them. yeah. so check out his blog: meandering appetites.


andrea said...

What a great blog title!

joey armstrong said...

... what are you saying about my blog title? not good enough for you, eh?

Matt said...

Awwww... this is so sweet. I haven't checked your blog until today to see this. I remember the day I made that Alfredo - recipe thanks to Mama O. I will try to get moving on this blog a little more regularly and try to keep you salivating.

ps. the word verification to submit this comment is underies :)