Tuesday, February 16, 2010

names of food places

taken from a mall directory here in singapore:

i love the names of food places here.

anyone want to go to tasty treat? wait....! a coffee snack bar!

another great name was an ice-cream place here called 'ice rock.' 'coldstone creamery' anyone? or the canadian version, 'marble slab'? nope, i want to go to ice rock.


Matt said...

This is fun and reminds me of a lovely little website call engrish.com. Have a look at these few items and look around the rest of the site: http://www.engrish.com/category/candy-gum/
I like to think that this concept works the same in North America - trendy Asian tattoos, restaurants and raman noodle cooking instructions are all embarrassing grammatical errors.

Esther said...

fun! :)
missing you guys!
but I hope you're having a blast. enjoy traveling with Andrea... we'll have to get together when you guys get back :)