Saturday, June 19, 2010

chocolate cake, photoshoots, and indian music

i've been terrible at blogging lately and i don't even have an excuse. or a good one, anyways.

i have even been baking a lot. i've just been too unmotivated to try to take decent, well-lit photos, or to upload the photos i do have.

this past week i baked a couple chocolate cakes. in a sad twist of fate, the beautiful photo below is the cake that didn't really turn out and i will probably never bake again. and then the amazing cake i baked i didn't manage to get a shot of. good thing i loved it, cause that means i will bake it again and hopefully get a photo next time.

the good chocolate cake was a flourless cake, and i got the recipe from bread & honey. you can find the recipe here.

but the best part of my week (other than lots of chocolate cake) was a fun photoshoot i did with eileen. i wrote about it in detail over at my other blog: everybody is a photographer. the blog needs a lot of work (so does this one), so please be gentle :)

here's a sneak peak photo:

and while i am blabbing about non-food stuff, i may as well mention my reoccurring obsession of indian/bollywood music. recently watched monsoon wedding again this week and proceeded to buy the soundtrack, since the music is gorgeous. loving this song:


Steph said...

i like you and your blog.

miss soo said...

i love your food blog, makes my mouth water... i challenge you to a cook off!! oxox

joey armstrong said...

ooh a cook off! i like the sound of that.