Wednesday, May 26, 2010

crave on main

yesterday morning started off great. after 3 days of brunch on the island, i met up with a friend back in vancouver for another amazing brunch. we decided to check out crave, on main street. i'd been there for dinner a couple years back, enjoyed it, plus i always hear great things about it.

i was in one of those moods where i crave savory eggs and sweet pancakes at the same time (i am going to be insane when i am pregnant), but crave didn't have the french toast sandwiching omelet bacon thing i had in victoria. so i compromised. i ordered an eggs benny with spinach, mushrooms and tofu, and a pancake on the side. what i wasn't expecting was for the single side pancake to be the size of my face. but, because i've been stretching my stomach the past few days, i was able to finish everything, plus a couple cups of coffee. the pancake was lovely, a perfect balance of fluffy and moist. what i love is that the server gave me a whole pitcher of maple syrup, not just a tiny cup of it, like some cafes do, leaving me with a dry mouth as i have to sparingly drizzle syrup. nope, i could have as much syrup as i wanted. the benny was great too. eggs were poached well, and the tofu actually tasted good and wasn't a weird texture. i think this tofu thing is catching on with me. :)

to sum it up: the service was great, the food was amazing, the price was decent, and my company was great. it was a fabulous morning. they do lunch and dinner as well, and have a great wine and cocktail list. all their food is fresh, local and often organic. the menu is simple but creative and mouth-watering. i know it gets busy during the evenings, and i can imagine that it is a busy place for weekend brunches too. but, if you have a morning off during the week, definitely check out crave on main! if you don't have a morning off during the week, you still need to check it out in the evening. or on the weekend. anytime, really.

'side' pancake :)

my friend meghan is not only beautiful and stylish
(really love her scarf),
but she is an independent film-maker as well.
and we share a last name! i don't meet that many armstrongs, so i am always excited when i do.
check out her company: glass curtain pictures
after brunch we checked out a newish clothing store next door: devil may wear.
the local clothing line has been around for a while, but this store on main street is newer.
we both really like that pendant in the window.
and they make really, really cute underwear. and jewelry.

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