Wednesday, May 5, 2010

looking for a decently priced carribean dining experience?

how coincidental! i just went to the reef on the weekend. the reef is a chain of caribbean restaurants in vancouver, victoria, and now apparently chilliwack as well.

a friend and i checked out the commercial drive location the other night, because we were too lazy to cook and wanted to try something new. we shared a few appetizers and got a couple drinks. my friend is trying out vegetarianism for a while (it seems that watching food inc. will do that to you. i really want to see it, but i'd still like to eat meat... it's rather agonizing really), so it was great that the reef offers lots of tofu alternatives. like jerk tofu instead of jerk chicken.

we tried the mission tacos with jerk tofu, yam fries with jerk mayo, and a salad of organic exotic greens. the jerk tofu was actually pretty darn good: lots of flavor and the texture wasn't like i always imagine tofu to be like. the salad wasn't bad, but it tasted more 'normal' than 'exotic.' but the yam fries, oh my gosh, the yam fries were amazing. one thing i love about vancouver is the abundance of delicious yam fries.

i'm not much of a restaurant reviewer, but i like the reef. i'd definitely go back. especially for the yam fries. the service we had at the commercial drive location was fine, but it took a while for them to place our order. but then again, its a busy restaurant, and i'm usually slow at deciding, so that doesn't bother me too much. we got our food with no cutlery, and while yam fries don't need cultery, salads are usually a tad easier to eat with forks instead of fingers. however, i'm pretty easy to please, and having worked in the customer service industry, i usually lean towards empathetic and understanding when i don't have a 'perfect' dining experience.

foodie friend by night,
mod hawk fashion consultant by day (also at night)
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but you can also check out the mod hawk facebook page.

yardie yam fries w/ jerk mayo $6 (yardie? what..?)

the free appetizer that comes with every meal.
except we got ours in the middle of our meal.
i think they are johnny cakes. i could be wrong.
nonetheless, delicious.

mission tacos $9 (choice of jerk chicken or jerk tofu)

organic exotic greens $9

abc mango cocktail $6.5

mojita (mojito's little sis) $7

where can you find the reef?

where can you find the reef blog?

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A said...

love the reef and the johnny cakes! I'd go back for sure.
p.s I didn't know that R was off of meat?

Kyle Martin said...

definitely one of my favourites. Anna and I love the jonny cakes!

A said...

and by the way...joey your pictures are fantastic. It makes me want to eat at the reef now.

joey armstrong said...

wow you two commented really quickly. and at the same time as each other. it's like you're married or something.

oh and lets go to the reef together sometime 'A' ;)