Wednesday, May 12, 2010

safe to be around food, but my music tastes are a little crazy

today i am condescending to the use of my computer's crappy camera instead of my trusty canon. laziness, you say? ... yup.

so this excellent quality photo booth photo below, shows me holding a terribly interesting workbook. this week i went to a one-day class on food safety, sat through slides, lists of improper food-handling practices, and videos of tapeworms. then i took a test, aced it, and in a few weeks will have a handy certificate proving to potential employers that i can work with food without spreading a city-wide bout of hepatitis a. awesome? yes. will this actually help me gain employment? probably not, but it can't hurt. if anything, it's making me go out an buy a meat thermometer so i can properly roast a chicken without risk of reproducing the salmonella bacteria a million times over. (which, by the way, multiply by 2 every 20 minutes they are left in the 'danger zone' of 4 to 60 degrees celcius). seriously, the term 'danger zone' just made cooking that much more fun. :)

so that was a fun class, but now it's over.

today was a pretty great day too. had brunch at roundel, my favorite local brunch spot, with my sister and my friend sherri. i took photos, but... like i said, i'm lazy right now. later on, i went to a beautiful coffee shop, gene, because i wanted coffee, they have free wifi, and i LOVE the light in there. the cafe has 3 walls, and 2 of them are massive windows. coffee's good too. i got lots of work done. feels good.

to top off my feel-good day, i went for a run/jog/walk (mostly walk, who am i kidding) for the second night in a row. i'm trying to create good habits, you know, to counteract my obsessive peanut butter and sugar eating habits. and i discovered music that makes me happy and has a great beat to walk to. so its not just exercise, its fun and i get to pretend like i'm a rock-star while i am lip-syncing to the music in my i-pod, hoping all the neighbours aren't looking out their windows.

check out 'empire of the sun', walking on a dream:
they're a little strange, but its catchy and the falsetto is just plain awesome.

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ty said...

Way to rage war against tapeworms and find/share great music in your spare time, Joey!

I think you should be a contributer to Taylor's and my music blog. seriously.