Monday, December 6, 2010

birthday dinner (part 2 of my birthday)

part 2 of my birthday:

birthday dinner cooking

birthday wine, birthday bread, birthday flowers

birthday dinner (fish, yummy roasted veggies, bread)

birthday cupcakes

birthday fun?

birthday jamie oliver :) (my first ever jamie oliver book. SO excited)

birthday camera bag (from here )

birthday aftermath

part 2 of my birthday day was just as lovely as part 1. i am very blessed. now i have a whole year to give back all the love i've received this year. maybe jamie oliver can help me. :)


miss soo said...

great photos!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

joey armstrong said...

thank you miss soo! :) can't wait to hear about your trip.

Taylor said...

I really like the post-processing work you've done on these photographs. It's subtle, but the color tones are great. Oh, and the food looks delicious as well.

joey armstrong said...

thanks taylor! i'm pretty happy with my post-processing too. i've been using lightroom & loving it.