Wednesday, December 15, 2010

new website coming:

i am so excited to announce that i have my own official photography website. kind of. it is still currently being developed (slowly. so slowly), but you can check it out here:

i will be sure to inform you when it is fully functional and not just a page that tells you that i'm not quite there yet.

also, if you haven't noticed, i just put up a new header for this blog. i had another idea to stencil out 'my food obsessions' and use flour to form the letters. but when i was mostly done with that idea, and photographing it on the kitchen table, my sister walks in and informs me that it doesn't look like flour, it looks like i'm cutting another substance on my kitchen table. a white, powdery substance. i love how naive i am sometimes. :)

p.s. i've been eating lots of sandwiches lately. i bought a sourdough loaf from a bread affair, (can get it at whole foods or meinhardt in vancouver) and it makes AMAZING sandwich bread. or just amazing bread for eating plain with butter. the sandwich above is made up of: fried zucchini, sauteed mushrooms, mayo, wholegrain mustard, lettuce.

another great sandwich is with meatballs, pickles and mushrooms with wholegrain mustard. yummy. anyone have any great or unusual sandwich fillings they like to use?


Sylvie - Gourmande in the Kitchen said...

Congratulations on your upcoming photography site, can't wait to see it. I like the new banner. As for interesting sandwich fillings I have just discovered pea shoots and have been putting them in all my sandwiches and wraps recently, so yummy!

joey armstrong said...

thanks sylvie. i am excited for your upcoming blog, too!

ooh, pea shoots are great. they are so crunchy and fresh tasting. i might just have to pick some up now on my next grocery trip!

joey armstrong said...

ok i feel foolish now. sylvie, i didn't know you had a site up already! i love it! the colors are so rich and bold, but clean at the same time. discovering makes me happy. :)

Taylor said...

The new header looks great. And so does that sandwich.

joey armstrong said...

thanks taylor!

miss soo said...

hey, i just gave you a trendy blog award :)

check it out xx