Saturday, January 15, 2011

brunching at calvin's cafe in west vancouver

this post is WAY overdue.

early last month, i was doing a bit of photo-scouting for locations for an up-coming shoot. i brought my bf with me, and took him out for brunch as a thank-you for coming with me in the miserable rain and driving me around. we happened to be driving through the west-van area on our route, so i looked up a couple brunching spots to check out. i found 2 that looked promising. cindy's and calvin's cafe. they both looked great and were relatively close to each other, but after a few reviews and realising that cindy's breakfasts started at $16, i decided on calvin's. it was a good choice, despite it's wary-looking website.

calvin's is a typical diner, located in the dundarave area of west van. tacky decor, average priced breakfast & lunch foods on the menu, and over-flowing coffee service. our server was friendly and warm. we were the only patrons at calvin's cafe the entire time we were there. which i honestly didn't mind at all. i felt bad that they weren't getting business, but i like having a place to myself. :) is that selfish?

i got the swiss style rosti potatoes with poached eggs and hollandaise sauce. i saw a photo of it online and knew i was going to get that. it was amazing.

the boyfriend got the eggs benedict. it looked good, but not as good as my rosti.

here's a quick review:

very dinerish. felt like i was in a tacky chain diner in the prairies.
super friendly & warm.
amazing. the rosti was amazing, anyways. go there for the rosti. seriously.
2452 marine dr
west vancouver

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side note: i found calvin's cafe from the blog breakfast in vancouver's review. great way to find a good breakfast spot in the vancouver area!

mid-way through my rosti. mmm....


In His Strong Arms said...

Looks like that Rosti could beat Marche's (Singapore).. which we like very much! Great post, Joey.

joey armstrong said...

marche's rosti is still better on its own. all it's missing are some eggs and hollandaise sauce on top! maybe i'll take you here next time you visit ;)

Matt said...

You are getting really good at this.

milo said...

Hi joey
Great post clean and honest
Like to envite you to our new location
3720 mt.seymour parkway in north vancouver