Wednesday, January 19, 2011

vancouver hot chocolate festival - now until valentines day

apparently there is a hot chocolate festival going on in vancouver. from now until the 13th of february.

the contributing cafes are:
bella gelateria (1001 w cordova)
campagnolo cafe (1020 main)
cocoa nymph (3739 w 10th @ alma)
mink chocolates (863 w hastings @ hornby)
chocolaterie de la nouvelle france (198 e 21st @ main)
schokolade (2263 e hastings @ garden)
thomas haas (n van: 998 harbourside dr, unit 128; kits: 2539 w broadway)

i've been to mink, chocolaterie de la nouvelle france, and schokolade and i have to say i love them all. schokolade is right in my neighbourhood, too. you should definitely check out at least one of these hot chocolate lovelies in the following month! and if you do, let me know how you like it.


Anonymous said...

I recently visited Mink Chocolates in Morgan Crossing. I was impressed by the friendly sales staff and the high quality of their chocolate. I'm literally a 2 minute walk from Mink Chocolates (I just bought a condo in The Summit House) and fear for my thighs with such delicious chocolate just outside my door!

Anonymous said...

Well lucky for you there's a Steve Nash gym directly below you.

I just googled 'summit house' and scoped out the amenities

Anonymous said...

Yeah, me and my girlfriend got a condo in morgan vrossing before the summit house opened. we like our condo but the summit house lofts are waaaaaaay nicer!