Tuesday, February 1, 2011

sunshiney and cold

woke up really early this morning (to bring someone to the airport, not at all to do with my normal morning routine). other than the stinging eyes from not enough sleep, it felt really great to be up before the sun, with the fresh, brisk (very, very brisk) cold air waking me up as soon as i stepped outside. even stopping by jj bean to get coffee at 6am felt great. (my americano just happened to taste great as well.) on my way back home, the sun was rising, and it was BEAUTIFUL. so i stopped at new brighton park and attempted to make the most of me being up early enough to see the sun rise.

regardless of the cold, it has been nice to see the sun. now if only i lived in a place with bigger windows so i could feel the sunshine from the warmth of my house. oh well. if i stand really close to my kitchen window, i can see some sun, where i can happily take photos of my banana-blueberry-yogurt smoothie.

i leave you with the task of checking out the following 3 things:
1. my sister's put up some portraits for sale on her etsy. they are super cute and would look awesome on your living-room wall.
2. a friend's new blog, bateau bateau
3. i posted some maternity photos from a shoot last month.

time for a second breakfast, i think. eggs & toast sound really lovely right now.


Sylvie @ Gourmande in the Kitchen said...

You're a good friend to get up that early in the morning! :-) I really love that one picture of the leaf on top of the greenery!

andrea said...

awesome. I love that photo of the broken ice.

joey armstrong said...

@sylvie - i think being up before the sun here isn't as early as being up before the sun in california. but i'd like to think i'm a good friend anyway :)