Friday, February 4, 2011

ep cover art & a canoeing music tour

i apologise for this post not containing any food-related items. while i'm working on my new website & adjoining photo blog, i still want to post about things going on with my non-food photography. i hope you can forgive me. :)

i am super pumped to share with you a photo of mine that has made it to an album cover for the winnipeg-based folk band twin, composed of members david fort, david enns, ally leenhouts, and lesley brown. the ep is entitled 'sharing secrets with strangers.' if you live in the winnipeg area, the eps are available at:

into the music

geez magazine recently featured twin in a small article, because twin is currently in the la-area getting ready to tour down the los angeles river. in a canoe. playing music. gathering people together. how awesome is that? here's some more info about the los angeles river music armada:

Los Angeles River Music Armada
The Los Angeles River Music Armada will be the first canoe music tour in United States history starting on February 17, 2011. The L.A River has recently been designated as navigable water, once again bringing together the people of this watershed. The long term goal is to create a tour network across North America and beyond, bringing people back to the water to celebrate. The Armada is inviting others to come for all, or part, on this 52 mile journey.
The Armada is a call to gather at the various stops along the river, sharing music, stories, food, seeds and ideas. It is an open venue for heritage/heirloom seed sharing and information so that people may become more self-sufficient with their food production and retain knowledge from land based people. The tour is promoting ideas independent gardening and localized seed saving including the Urban Seed Bank initiative. (twin)


Rachele said...

Thats soo cool! Looks rad!

joey armstrong said...

thanks rachele!

SadieAnne said...

I love it, you are one talented lady!

ty said...

Congratulations Joey! That is one of my favorite photos of yours and I'm glad more people will be able to see it! Now I need to go check out this band :)