Monday, February 14, 2011

honest thoughts about valentine's day

i have to be honest here. i've never been a huge fan of valentine's day. okay okay, in elementary school i MAY have had a love of the stack of tacky store-bought cards i gave and received in class. i may have loved it very much. but as an adult, not so much. and it has nothing to do with the state of my love-life. when i am in a relationship, i am weary of the holiday just as much as when i'm single and lonely.

i do appreciate the celebration of love. i just think its stupid to cram it into this one day, produce so much wasteful - and tacky - things and decorations and etc, with the notion that it is THE day to tell your loved ones how much you love them. who needs creative ways to show your love when you can do it on valentines day with pre-packaged love manufactured by someone else?

last year at this time, i was in asia visiting my parents. i had a few friends over to do some baking, and since it was nearing valentine's day, we got a bit festive with our pies. (random note: making pie in a tropical climate, even with heavy air-conditioning, is a bit of a mess. cold butter doesn't stay cold very long so you have to work quickly!) i really need to do fun & creative things with and for the people i care about more often. if valentine's day gives you that push to do fun & creative things with and for the people you care about, that really is great. just try to do it a couple other times during the year too!

if you are one who hearts this day, do please have a happy valentines day!

if you are one who is cynical, have a happy monday, and show your loved ones you love them all week! i will start off my week by baking bread for my sister, inviting my brother over for coffee, and picking up my boyfriend from the airport.


Sharon said...

I agree. Too much to cram into one day. It is nice to be reminded to reflect on those we love though, too often I get to busy and forget to let them know.

Love the pie, very cute!

andrea said...

bread for your sister eh? what a coincidence! i LOVE bread!!

Anonymous said...

your lucky siblings!

the broken hearts are adorable. =)

da fodder said...

oh, yeah... and reading your e-mail to find a valentine's day card from your old fashioned parents who still love to send you valentine's day cards......:)

joey armstrong said...

@sharon - yes, it is a good reminder to reflect on those we love.

@andrea - i have to admit some selfishness, the bread is also for me. :)

@a beautiful life - thanks! :)

@my father - i love my old fashioned parents and their cards. although if you were really old fashioned, you'd be using the post, not the internet server. :)