Tuesday, February 8, 2011

say YES to chocolate

a few weeks ago i posted about a hot chocolate festival happening in vancouver right now until february 14. i tried to go to the choclaterie on main & 21st last week, but got there just as they closed. sadness. however! this past sunday, my sister and i made the trek over to cocoa nymph in kitsilano, where we met our cousin for some hot chocolate. best sunday afternoon i've had this year (it was right after a lovely breakfast of bacon, eggs & hashbrowns, too).

my cousin had a white drinking chocolate with raspberry marshmallows. it looked delicious, but i'm not a fan of white chocolate myself.

the featured drinking chocolate of the day was a black pepper dark drinking chocolate, with salted caramel marshmallows on top. sinful & heavenly all at the same time - perfect combination. they make all their marshmallows in store, and they have a variety of flavors - vanilla, chocolate, raspberry to name a few.

don't be fooled by the angry-pouty face i'm making. i'm not upset at the hot chocolate at all, it was quite the opposite, in fact. i could have married that cup of cocoa right there and then.

say YES to chocolate.

at cocoa nymph chocolates & confections
3739 w 10 ave (at alma)
mon-sat: 11-7
sun: 1-5


Anonymous said...

omg that looks delish

Sharon said...


joey armstrong said...

that hot chocolate was so good i'm still thinking about it a week later