Monday, February 28, 2011

lucy's eastside diner: open every hour of every day

lucy's eastside diner.

a newish 24-hour diner on main street and 11th. mix of moderately-priced diner & trendy, youthful main street culture. on the walls hang vegan versions of deer antlers - bike handles.

i've eaten here twice. both times because i was hungry & in the area after normal places close. it was bright & cheerful inside, i like the orange tables & the light turquoise walls. the booths at the back are nice & cozy for 2 people, but really tight to fit more than that. other than those 3 miniature booths at the back and a good amount of bar seating, there are a couple larger booths at the front. i haven't been during peak times yet, but i can imagine seating would be tight. i don't think i'd go to lucy's with a large group.

the food was decently priced. it won't stretch your wallet too much, but its also no bon's. everything on the menu seemed to range from $6-$10, and you can get a burger, fries & shake combo for $10.

the coffee is your average drip-diner coffee. coffee mugs are random shapes & sizes, and the corel mug made me feel like i was at my parent's home. nostalgia is lovely.

like a good vancouver restaurant, they have veggie options - burgers, sandwiches, salads..

when we were walking in, the lady coming out told us the mac and cheese was to die for. my friend had to get it. it was alright, she said, but not the best ever.

but i'm not a mac and cheese kind of person. i am in love with eggs & breakfast. when i eat out, and there is breakfast on the menu, its highly unlikely that i will choose a non-breakfast item. so at a 24hour diner serving all day and night breakfast, what do you think i ate?

the first time i got the down south breaky - baked beans, seasoned rice, poached eggs, monterey jack, & sour cream. it was pretty good! my only complaint was that i asked for cooked whites & runny yolks & got overpoached eggs instead. i know poached eggs are tricky, but its hard to let a badly poached egg go when its not that busy in a place.

my second visit, i wasn't terribly hungry when i came in, and yet i somehow managed to share a bacon eggs benedict with my boyfriend, and eat a large pancake by myself. the benny was decent, but it didn't stand out, and was a little dry. not sure if the hollandaise was homemade or not, but i assume a diner with a cheap priced benny would probably use pre-made stuff. i could be wrong. next time i'll ask. the pancake was delicious. i can't remember how good it was, like i can remember how good the pancakes are at crave just up the street, but the one side pancake i ate was just enough to quench my pancake craving.

all-in-all, i liked lucy's but i didn't love it. i don't think that's a bad thing, though. you wouldn't go to lucy's expecting a fine-dining experience, but you also won't be paying the same price. i know i'll be back. they're open 24 hour, they serve breakfast, and i love breakfast any time of day. and one of these days i'll stuff my breakfast cravings & try their burger, fries & shake combo.

where to find lucy's:

2708 main street, just off 11th
hours: all
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