Tuesday, July 19, 2011

another breakfast at the red wagon

i spent a day with a friend from out of town a couple weeks ago. i took some lovely photos of her, you can see them here.

to start our day, we ate at the red wagon. i've eaten there several times since i first went when they opened last november. i really love it.

steph got a breakfast sandwich:

andrea got an omelet of some sort. i think it was an asparagus & goat cheese special:

and i got something i've been eyeing on their menu for a long, long time:

pulled pork pancakes with jack daniels syrup.

i finally did it. i finally ordered it. and i can say.... it was quite worth it. maybe not an every day kind of meal, but most definitely a meal you need to order once in your life (if you eat pork, that is. if you don't, well, maybe you should avoid this one).

i know there are others who like to combine sweet & savory together. i know i am not the only one. otherwise there would be no pulled pork pancakes on a menu, right? i am glad menu items like these exist. they make me happy.

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Anonymous said...

that looks like some crazy pancake. I love sweet and savoury together (breakfast sausage and maple syrup anyone?) so I'm sure this tastes delish.

Taylor said...

That egg sandwich looks ridiculously good.

Taylor said...

*Breakfast sandwich.

plasterer bristol said...

Wow this looks amazing, thanks for sharing this. gonna give this a go.