Tuesday, October 21, 2008

making pumpkin pie

i made pumpkin pie last weekend, for canadian thanksgiving. i also attempted cranberry pecan butter tarts. they were okay. but the pie was pretty damn good. i actually followed the recipe fairly closely, and it turned out fairly great, so maybe i'll try following recipes from now on. :)

i used the pumpkin pie recipe - both crust & filling - from joyofbaking.com. yes, it was a very joyful experience. i even shed a few tears. the crust is a pate brisee, which is a French short crust pastry dough. those who ate the pie made great comments about the crust, it was flaky and yummy. if you'd like to try this pumpkin pie recipe, just follow the link, since it explains the whole process in much better detail than i could attempt. plus i would just feel lame & slightly like a plagiarist if i just copied & pasted the exact recipe.

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kristin said...

joey, thank your for sharing the crust recipe. After I get over my fear of crust-making, I will definitely have to try it.