Friday, June 3, 2011

coffee drinking + mennonite thrift stores

i don't have enough posts up about coffee. i love the stuff so much, but i guess it sometimes seems so normal & boring & repetitive that i don't bother to take photos.

last month, though, i bought some cheap, new, beautiful mugs, while i was out in manitoba. and new mugs make for more interesting coffee experiences, until the novelty of it wears out anyways.

mennonite thrift stores are THE BEST. where else can you get mugs for ten cents? not at for-profit used stores like Value Village, that's for sure.

if you haven't heard of MCC (mennonite central committee), you should go check them out. if even for their thrift shops, which usually have fantastic finds for low prices. but they also do great work in responding to basic human needs, and working for peace and justice through disaster relief and sustainable community development, etc. and i have a lot of respect for that.

sometimes when we really need 'new' things for our house, my sister and i will borrow a car and drive all the way to abbotsford (50 minute drive in good traffic) just to visit the MCC there. because its that awesome. two of our beautiful couches are from there. $10 each! yeah.

and isn't this a pretty mug? i kinda really like it.

what makes your coffee drinking experience unique from day to day?


SadieAnne said...

oooo so pretty! The awesomeness of the mug totally makes the coffee taste better. Wish we could have a cup together soon.

Kacie said...

I also LOVE thrift stores, and coffee, and pretty mugs! So ... to make your coffee interesting, I have a suggestion. Have you heard of the aeropress?

joey armstrong said...

@sadie - yes! i'd love to have coffee with you. hopefully sometime in the next couple years! ;)

@kacie - so much in common! :) however, i have never heard of the aeropress! looks interesting. do you use it yourself?

sherri said...

there is an mcc in north surrey :)