Saturday, June 4, 2011

sun + markets + bikes + coffee = happy me

it's summer guys. this weekend, anyways. I LOVE THE SUN.

today i went to the summer farmer's market at trout lake for the first time this year. i didn't go to the winter market at all this past winter - it moved locations and was just too far for my lazy little self. today however, i met a friend for breakfast at bandidas, then we headed over to the market. took back some of my growing stacks of egg cartons, bought some eggs, bought some herbs, bought some shitaki mushrooms. and enjoyed the sun.

the beginnings of summer: it is glorious.

tomatoes are pretty...

after so much fun at the market (AND i didn't even spend all the limited cash i had on me. go me!), we were thirsty. so we went to jj bean for iced lattes. yum.

OH! what's that you say? yeah that's my new bike.

sometimes craigslist is so awesome. like this week when i bought this sweet ass bike from some random stranger. apparently its a czech communist bike.

took it out for a short ride this evening to see if it works. (yes, i know i should have checked it when purchasing it, but it was POURING rain + dark + i just wanted to hurry it all up and get out of there) it works! hurrah! my legs + lungs, however... don't work quite so well as the bike. on the 8 block, slightly uphill ride home i was suffering. thankfully no one saw me suffer, as everyone else in vancouver was downtown (still is probably) celebrating the vancouver canucks' win of game 2 in the playoffs. speaking of which, i actually watched most of the game, which is a rarity. i'm not a hockey fan, nor am i really a watching-sports-on-tv type of person. but the game was pretty intense, even from my non-partial perspective. oh, and they scored (+ won) 11 seconds into sudden death overtime. crazy. still, i'm glad i'm not downtown. not a fan of hoards of people. especially hoards of people with hockey fever...

(3 gears! 1 step up from being a hipster bike!)

it was a fantastic day today. so much sun. so much exercise.
who else had a beautiful saturday?


Anonymous said...

that bike is beautiful - praise craigslist!

that's how i got my pink bike too - with a bit of work it was my dream two-wheeled machine.

can't wait to get to farmer's market soon. Maybe i'll see you there!

Taylor said...

Love the bike.

Angie Tee said...

What a neat and lovely bike.

joey armstrong said...

thanks everyone, i like my bike too!