Monday, June 27, 2011

my food affair with eggs

love eggs.
i made this delicious omelet couple weeks ago.
however... i don't exactly remember what i put in it.
looks like maybe spinach, mushrooms, zuchinni?
i think i used gouda. yum.

i'm pretty particular about omelets.
i used to flip the omelet before i put filling in.
now i put the filling in and then close it up.
and doesn't get that 'rubbery' texture.
hate that.
they sometimes fall apart.
but that's okay.
quality of taste, not aesthetic, is what matters, in the end.

the only affair my boyfriend has to worry about me having is with food.
particularly this bread, of course from a bread affair.
(i'm really bad at jokes. but its true - i love this bread excessively much.)
this particular bread: french country miche.

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