Monday, October 18, 2010

i am a liar (but you can enter a contest and win stuff yay!) - contest closed!

sooo.... i thought i had posted 100 posts, and even bragged about it a few posts back.

apparently, i am a liar.

this post i am writing right now, is #94. sure its close to 100, but its no merit badge like 100 is. my blogger homepage tells me i'm at 102 posts, but it's a bit sneaky and counts all my unposted drafts as 'posts' as well. i am so ashamed that i lied to you all, and let you think i was somehow accomplished in the blogging world.

but i would like to make it up to you. i'd bake cupcakes and invite you all over, but that wouldn't be fair to some of you who are far away, and it would honestly be a bit creepy for me if i invited the whole internet world over to my place. also, it would be expensive and my place is way too tiny.

instead, i will start small with a contest and see how it goes. yay contests! free stuff!

the prize: a pack of 5 specially-made-for-you photo cards. by me, of course. (i know: extravagant, right?)
how to enter: comment below, (with your name, please!) and answer me:
1. what is your favorite dessert?
2. what should i attempt to bake before christmas?
(they don't have to be different, but let's be a bit creative here)

the contest will close when i post my 99th actual post. the winner will be chosen randomly, and will be announced when i write my actual 100th post! that means you have 5 more posts of mine to read before the contest closes. AND you don't have to be from a certain country or continent to enter this contest, because cards are flat so postage won't be too horrific.

let your friends know about this contest. or don't, and then you'll have a better chance of winning. (but really, do.)


SadieAnne said...

1. Really? I have to pick just one?? I guess it would have to be fudge brownies. I will NEVER refuse a fudge brownie EVER!

2. and, I'd like to see you make a lemon meringue pie!

Anonymous said...

I am a sucker for free cards/prizes :)

1. I love brownies AND chocolate chip cookies. A lot. I just can't choose between the two.

2. Before Christmas, I'd recommend baking pumpkin scones. So many pumpkins available at the moment, at least in your part of the world, and I'm sure yours would be more delicious than Starbucks'. :)

~ Corinne

rachele kehler said...

1. A good strawberry pie/tart. You don't get it very maybe that's why I'd say its ONE of my faves.
2.Lactose free cheesecake. I don't know if this exists...but if it oh man would I love it if you made it! If not- I'd say try Eton Mess or a cinnamon crème brûlée?

Anonymous said...

1. chocolate chili cookies. Dark, chocolatey goodness, with a bit of spiciness. Sounds like a good love affair.
2. A chocolate, cookie based fruit flan.

ty said...

oh my, Joey, when God created you I think he put an extra portion of coolness. This is such a fun idea! thank you for doing this :)

1.After reading the last comment I remembered a desert a friend of mine made once--it was like a dark chocolate chilli fudge; I almost cried for the beauty resting on my taste buds.

2. how about rice crispy bars? No, no, I kid. Really anything in the realm of fudge is a beautiful thing.

miss soo said...

1. that's a tough one.. i love sweet things. i would say apple pie crumble.. mm homeade apple pie

2. Macaroons in all different pastel colours like in Marie Antoinette! I'll come over and eat them.

Krista said...

I just hit my 100th post and wanted to do a give away but couldn't think of anything, so good on ya.

1.My favorite dessert....I can't pick just one but a quality, moist chocolate cake is right up there.
2. Fruit you better start soon.

Peace Choi said...

1.Carrot cake with cream cheese icing

2.Red Velvet Cake! :)

Heather said...

Favorite dessert..such a toughy but I would say peanut butter cheesecake

As for your next baking attempt, how can one go wrong with shortbread for Christmastime?? THAT'S what you should do!