Sunday, October 24, 2010

post # 96: alliumphobia

alliumphobia - the (irrational) fear of garlic

i don't know who could fear garlic. garlic is awesome. garlic that is super old and dry in the grocery store? not the best. garlic freshly picked and sold at the farmer's market? the best. if you haven't tried using fresh garlic before, hasten to your local farmer's market and mend thy ways.

garlic, or allium satvia in latin, is a relative of the onion. that's reason enough to include this photo:

p.s. this is post #96. three more posts before my contest closes!


andrea said...

vampires fear garlic.

SadieAnne said...

No fresh garlic at our tiny farmers market :(

joey armstrong said...

*gasp* no garlic at your farmer's market? sad!
do you have a small garden space? you should try growing your own, i think now is the time to plant it for the spring. (i think.)