Thursday, October 7, 2010

une omelette (100th post!)

for some reason i feel like celebrating, because i just realised i've written 100 posts on this blog. but, over a span of 3+ years. really joey? you want to celebrate mediocrity? yes, yes i do. :)

i am realising that i will never get to the point where i feel like i am amazing at what i do, unless i decide right now that i am okay with NOT being amazing. if i don't take risks because i'm afraid of failing, i won't ever get better at what i do because i'm not trying. if i take risks, i may fail, and if i fail, then succeeding the next risk will feel even better.

okay, back to my post about omelets.

i love eggs. any style of egg, i love (not actually true: i don't like raw, and i don't like it when the whites are still runny). but, there's something about the omelet that takes an egg from being good to being deliciously decadent. ever wake up feeling meh? make yourself an omelet (if you have time and are not running off to work) and you will feel like a king. or queen.

i still haven't perfected the omelet. it often falls apart on me... but whatever, it still tastes amazing, so who cares? the great thing about omelets is that you can put anything inside. fried onions, veggies, meat, herbs, cheese... be creative. any kind of cheese, many kinds of cheese, or no cheese at all if you are lactose intolerant. but the best part of the omelet is the cheese, really.

i like to whisk my eggs (2 or 3)with salt, pepper and a bit of milk, though some people just whisk the eggs. i find the milk makes it a bit fluffier. better yet, yogurt, for a richer omelet (can an omelet with eggs and cheese, fried in butter get any richer? yes... it can, and its amazing). put your pan on a medium-low heat. when its heated, grease your pan and pour your egg mixture in. make sure its even on the pan, and wait a bit, making sure nothing is burning. when it looks partially cooked (still gooey, but you can lift the edges with your turner), sprinkle cheese of choice throughout the entirety of the omelet. on one half only (if your pan cooks unevenly like mine, choose the side that is less cooked) add your filling. carefully edge your turner under the other half of the omelet, make sure its not sticking anywhere, and flip over the filling. if some of it falls apart, just patch it up. cook a minute or 2 longer, remove from heat, and serve.

i used to make omelets by flipping the whole thing BEFORE adding the filling, but i always found them over-cooked and rubbery. not flipping your omelet makes for a perfectly-cooked omelet that is fluffy, gooey, and melts in your mouth. but try it out and experiment! every pan and stove-top is different, and everyone's preferences are different, too. find what you like best and enjoy the heck out of it.

anyone have a favorite omelet filling? or great ideas for one?


andrea said...

100 posts is definitely cause to celebrate! However long or short it took to get there is irrelevant. Celebrate with an omelette! You'll feel like a king/queen!

SadieAnne said...

I am soooo making a chicken/onion omelette tomorrow w/ goat milk yogurt!!

joey armstrong said...

@andrea - i did celebrate with an omelet, and it was delicious!

@sadie - i don't personally like goat milk yogurt, but your omelet idea sounds amazing. andrea puts goat yogurt in her eggs and i know she enjoys it. i saw goat milk butter in the store the other day, and i got excited. even though i don't think i'll like it, i want to try it..

SadieAnne said...

well I made it, and despite being a terrible omelette turner-over, it still tasted great! And really, I"m not a big fan of goat milk flavor either, I only get it because it's better for digestion. But the cheese and onion hid the flavor well!

joey armstrong said...

oh man, i've tried to like the goat milk flavor... the only time i don't mind it is when andrea makes stroganoff with wild buffalo meat and goat milk yogurt. is it really better for digestion? hm... maybe i should give it a better try.