Monday, April 12, 2010

amelie cafe

the story:

a few weeks ago, my sister and i were walking around georgetown, penang (malaysia), and she tells me she's found this cafe that i will love. i don't want to get my hopes up, i mean, she's my sister, and we've been roommates for 3 years, and we've been travelling together for a month now - how well does she REALLY know me?

...apparently quite well. words cannot describe how elated i was when i saw just the outside of amelie, let alone after we found out how cute it was inside, or how good the food was. and who couldn't resist entering a cafe called amelie?

but before i continue, let me give a small disclaimer: i am so in love with this cafe that i'm not sure how to write about it in order to do it justice. honestly, if i ever own a cafe half as charming as this one, i think i would be content. and contentment does not come easily to me.

the entrance to amelie: tiny, cluttered, enticing

the cafe:

tiny, but efficiently used space.

cluttered, but everything fits.

i can't remember where i read this, so i can't cite it properly, but as far as i know, the 2 owners of amelie (Hung and Yen) use only (or mostly) recycled things in their cafe. this not only creates the charm of the place - mismatched chairs, jam jar drinking glasses, old wood, etc etc - but it also reduces waste and over-consumerism, and it hopefully saved them a bit of money too. they also sell various handmade things throughout the shop - soaps, artwork, etc - and i think its all locally made.

they've only been open for a few months, but they seem to be doing well, and i've seen lots of blogs post about them already. (i've linked a few below)

seating area includes:
2 tables, 3 chairs each, and a 3rd bench type table at the side.
i saw people go upstairs, so i assume there is overflow seating upstairs,
but i can't say for sure as i didn't actually go up myself

tiny kitchen.
they not only do all their cooking and beverages in the kitchen,

but they make their fresh hand-made pasta in here as well.

charming menu (i need to stop using the word charming)
prices were quite decent.
most expensive entree was RM 14.90 ($4.70 Canadian. ... yeah)

no words needed.

the food:

everything was made fresh, so it took a little while to come, but who am i kidding? if i wanted to eat fast-food, i would probably check myself into a mental asylum, because i don't like fast-food. i like food that has personality and has been made with love. and anyway, the longer i wait, the better the food tastes, so its a win-win.

the second time we ate here, we arrived too early for breakfast, but we were starving, so we ate somewhere else. BUT, we came back for a second breakfast. it was a sunday, so it got quite full, and i noticed at one point that one of the owners had to step out for a few minutes to buy more bread they were that busy. but as nice as it is to have a whole cafe to yourself while you are eating, its great for their business to be full.

i can't say much about the food on the menu that i didn't try, but it all looked great, and hey - the pasta noodles are freshly made, what can go wrong with that? but here are some photos of what i did try, which i was quite satisfied with.

lemon & honey drink (fresh & homemade).
served cold, or hot.
both are yummy.
(some people may complain that its too sour,
but it was perfect for me, tasted real & refreshing.)

portobello mushroom soup.
creamy & delicious.
i'm so glad i decided i DO like mushrooms.

even when you are a person who loves rice,
sometimes when you are traveling in asia,
you just need a sandwich.
this one hit the spot.
i think it was tuna.
and it came with a salad beautifully presented with the starfruit.

hand-painted menus.

the end.

No 6, Armenian Street
10200, Penang
(next to Cheah Kongsi temple)
phone: +6012 496 7838

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i found where i read about everything being recycled:


In His Strong Arms said...

great article about a charming (hard not to use that word) little place. :)

Steph said...

haha, whenever i'm in malaysia i'll have to check it out.
your passion for coffee shops, joey, matches my own. love the details! :)

MK said...

hi! I was born in Penang but moved to Tokyo 8 years ago. I haven't been back there for more than 3 years now!

This is such a lovely looking cafe! I must check it out next time I'm there.

btw. I love all your food photos :)

joey armstrong said...

mk - thank you! glad you like my photos. you definitely must check out amelie next time you are back in penang. i just loved penang when i was visiting. i hope i can go back someday. :)

love the name of your blog, sleepwalking in tokyo :)

MK said...

Oh. Thank you for dropping by my blog!!

I used to sleep walk when I was a child, hence the name *lol

The thing I miss most about Penang is the food!!!