Wednesday, April 21, 2010


this is sherri. she came over today.

we made eggs benedict. complete with homemade hollandaise sauce. (link to recipe way, way, way below. after all my irrelevant talk and tempting photos, THEN you can see the recipe you are dying to try out because of how time-consuming it is.)

as much as i love bennys, i don't think i can eat another one for another couple months. those babies are rich. eggs, butter, bacon, avocado, cheese, eggs... that's at least 3 different kinds of fats. i love fat, and i love rich - don't get me wrong - i just like to spread out the fatty richness a little bit. (coming from the person who went back to the french cafe 3 days in a row for creme brulee)

i got the recipe for the hollandaise sauce here. this site does a great job of explaining the process. there are many different versions and ways of making this thick, creamy, eggy, buttery goodness. i liked this recipe. today it turned out a little bit too sour (i added extra lemon juice - stick to the recipe people), but otherwise great. i think a good thing to keep in mind is to keep it low (the heat - if its too hot, you will get scrambled eggs), and keep it active (constantly stirring or whipping).

(beautiful spring tulips my sister got from a friend)


Matt said...

remember when i told you about my mom making eggs benedict every year? after i read your post, i e-mailed her for her hollandaise recipe - check your e-mail for it bc I'd rather not post it publicly - but once you've figured it out for yourself, then by all means re-write it and use it as your own! Check you e-mail!

joey armstrong said...

matt you're great. i'll try out your mom's recipe next time i make hollandaise sauce (which may not be for a while, i can still feel the heaviness of yesterday's hollandaise richness)

Heidi {{LaundryGirlPhotog}} said...

ok, i love hollandaise but i hate the time it takes to make it, then i saw this guy on Martha Stewart, the way he makes it is now the only way i make it. i've cut this recipe in half even and it turns out great, also i think it's a bit lighter than other hollandaise, but i could be wrong...whenever you get a hankering to ty it again i highly recommend this recipe!


joey armstrong said...

thanks for the tip heidi!