Wednesday, April 21, 2010

uncle fatih's

okay, i know uncle fatih's pizza doesn't really need any more advertising, they have line-ups 24/7. and i am not even a huge fast-food-pizza-eating-type of person. but i do occasionally indulge in greasy pizza goodness once in a while, and i'm on a tight budget lately, so cheap pizza makes sense when i'm out.

oh yeah, and also (you can tell i feel shameful for my pizza indulgence when i have to make a million excuses), sherri hadn't eaten pizza from uncle fatih's before, so we had to go. so there.

my brother would recommend the beef-and-blue-cheese pizza here - its amazing, but its super rich and i already had eggs benedict this morning, so i opted for the slightly less rich slices of olive-and-pesto and the just-cheese.

so for those of you who haven't tried this joint but would like to, it is conveniently located on broadway just west of commercial. (and another location i just noticed, thank you google, is on denman, just off davie st.) they are open from 10:30am until 1 on sundays, til 2 every other day, til 3 fridays and saturdays.


Matt said...

excellent. this is what i am planning to do with my blog - more reviews of restaurants. how was the zza?!

joey armstrong said...

the 'zza' was delicious. :) i want to do more restaurant reviews too, but i'm broke, and when i do go out, its often in the evening when the lighting is crap and then i feel too embarrassed to post those photos.

matt, maybe if you post enough amazing reviews of restaurants in winnipeg, you can tempt me to move there. ;)

Ryan said...

Fatihs just opened their third location!!

they are now Denman and davie,
Commercial broadway
and Broadway Mcdonald.

proof that God loves us and wants to be happy.


joey armstrong said...

:) thanks for the tip ryan!