Thursday, April 22, 2010


the obligatory daily photo of my awesome singaporean kopi mug:

my dinner:

toast with mayo, canned salmon, salt & pepper.
grilled zucchini amazingness
steamed kailan
apple juice

i don't know what made me decide to grill zucchini tonight, but i think i discovered something amazing. i fried them in butter with salt, pepper, and thyme (on both sides). once i flipped them, i added crumbled bits of pre-cooked bacon and a slice of gouda cheese. and waited for the cheese to melt. even without the bacon they would have been amazing. 

oh yes, and happy earth day! i decided to go for a walk today instead of driving my non-existent car. go me!

p.s. i am not a fan of the newish blogspot post editor. it won't let me resize my images to a specific size. i can only do small, medium, or large. LAME. it also won't let me upload more than one photo at a time. oh the madness...

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