Thursday, April 29, 2010


i am in love.

...with a new blog i discovered when i was searching for a new and amazing brownie recipe. i not only found a new and amazing brownie recipe, but i found a food blog i can obsess over for the rest of my life.

smitten kitchen is an all-around beautiful blog. the layout is clean and attractive; the written content is dry (not dry boring, dry in a good way), smart, humorous; the photos are beautifully lit, gorgeous, and make me awestruck with indecisiveness as to which recipe to start with (there are thousands and i want to make them all); and the recipes, the recipes are well categorized and well written. and like i said, i can't decide which recipe to try first. homemade pop tarts? chocolate souffle cupcakes with mint cream? oh the agony...

(photo by smitten kitchen)

these oatmeal, chocolate chip and pecan cookies, for instance, are giving me a sudden urge to start baking cookies. (this may sound strange coming from someone who loves to bake, but i find cookie baking tiresome... who wants to spend the time doling out cookie clumps when with brownies you can pour the whole damn thing in the pan and be done with it?)

smitten kitchen is written and photographed out of a tiny kitchen in new york by a woman named deb. there is an odd correlation between new york, great photography, and foodie blogs. weird. i used to wonder what the deal was about new york that everyone would always gush about. over the past couple years, my curiosity has been slowly and subtly inching new york higher and higher on my extensive list of places to travel to.

p.s. the new and amazing brownie recipe i found was amazing and i can't wait to make them again. smitten kitchen calls them 'best cocoa brownies' and i have to agree with her.

here are a couple of (my) photos of said deliciousness:

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Matt said...

OMG... I just checked out smitten kitchen, and that is my response. this is what i have been imagining for my blog lately why shooting my food.

brave, cool, smooth and crisp... perfect food-blog