Wednesday, November 10, 2010

another horrible culinary experience

i haven't been blessed in the culinary area this week so far. disaster cupcakes, and now this. ratatouille. it looked so easy. and it was easy. but it wasn't great. i found it flavorless, a bit bitter, and had to get a dish just to put the eggplant & tomato peels in because they were tough and icky. moral of this story: when you are wondering what to do with the vegetables that have been sitting in your fridge for a while.... don't use them in a dish that calls for 'fresh' vegetables. you will be horribly disappointed. and maybe just stop trying new recipes. or stop cooking full stop. wait... maybe that's a bit harsh. lets just say i haven't been inclined to cook or bake in the last couple days. hopefully that will change soon. :)

at least i got pretty photos out of my culinary horribleness.

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miss soo said...

mmm you make food loook so goooood.