Friday, November 5, 2010

giveaway winner & a tale of 2 pumpkins

last night, november 3rd, at 11:11pm, i wrote 9 names on pieces of paper. i tossed them in a hat, got my sister to mix them up, and i stuck my hand in and grabbed one piece of paper. on that paper, was the name 'ty.' congrats tyler on winning my contest!

... if you are wondering, i did in fact pick the winner randomly (out of a hat, the good old-fashioned way). i did NOT pick ty just because he called me cool. :) for those of you who haven't heard of this music blog, mp3po - another music blog, check it out! tyler is a contributor to the blog and has great music taste.

tyler, please email me your shipping info & pick any* photo (or 5) from my flickr, of which you'd like cards made out of.

*if you pick something i don't like, i have the right to overrule your decision :)

i am excited to have finally reached 100 posts. i can't wait to do another giveaway. i also am excited to attempt to make fudge. thanks for the suggestion, tyler!

and now i'd like to tell you a short story. a story of 2 pumpkins.

here they are, happy. well, the one is. the other one is bored, or constipated.. but happy enough. they were enjoying fall, and the halloween weekend. they went out halloween night...

... and came back the next morning with makeovers.

what happened?!


sherri said...

your pumpkin narration makes me smile. :D

ty said...

Me winning your contest makes me smile :)

Thanks Joey.

Shrui said...

pumpkin cannibalism?

you make me smile. did you ever complete the task i gave you? When do i get to see you next?