Monday, November 15, 2010

sick day

i had an omelet today. oh.. but no, not this one. this one's a couple weeks old.

i was sick today (& yesterday & the day before), so the task of actually cooking food was more than enough to wear me out, i didn't need an added burden of lugging the weight of my heavy new camera around. i spent the day watching pride & prejudice (a&e with colin firth) and getting up from my couch to make hot water for my hot water bottle, make tea (4+ pots), and use the bathroom (i drank 4+ pots of tea plus many glasses of water). hopefully tomorrow i will feel up for the task of being productive.

oh yeah. my sister commented that i post a lot about eggs. (like here & here) yeah... i like eggs.


miss soo said...

yum! can you be my housewife??

andrea said...

no! she's my housewife!

joey armstrong said...


Elza D. said...

I like eggs to! A lot!
Your omelet looks better than mine.

joey armstrong said...

elza d. - your omelet looks lovely! mine always break, but yours seems to have kept its shape well! wish i could read your blog - love the photos and the design!